Ultimate Cooking Playset

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"This set is so awesome, grandmas want in on the fun."

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Kids are obsessed with this set. Also called "The Ultimate Pretend Play" it instantly becomes the favorite go-to toy for kids 2-5 years old.

Why it's good for kids?

-Ultimate fun
-Good for brain development
-Bond with grandparents
-Nurtures child’s visual skills, motor development, concentration, physical coordination
-Develops patience, attention, and focus
-Keeps kids occupied

Why it's good for grandparents?

-Safe playtime
-Less supervision
-Great for bonding with grandchildren
-Witness your grandchild's milestones

What does your grandchild get?

-The bountiful set consists of 9 x cuttable foods, 1 x kitchen knife, 1 x cutting board, 5 x pots, 2 x lids and 5 x cooking utensils
-Easy to use & perfect size for little hands
-Endless happy hours

What do you get?

-30-day "no questions asked" money-back guarantee
-Top-notch customer support
-Huge discount

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